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Counting Sheep: A Guerrilla Folk Opera

Written by Mark and Marichka Marczyk. Presented by Freedom Festival Arts Trust and Hull UK City of Culture 2017. 

Tickets £17.50 and £15 (concession)

Musical theatre but not as you know it. 

Be part of an audience at the heart of a revolution.

Folk music plays, food is served, come sit and enjoy the feast. 

Suddenly your table is upturned as actors wearing sheep masks play out a protest. Face-to-face with riot police, your seat becomes a barricade. With nowhere to run. You’re part of the protest. 

Overhead, big screens play news footage from February 2014 when protestors set up in Kiev’s Maidan Square against a corrupt, pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych.  The footage is terrifying but how does it feel from within the protest.

Counting Sheep, by Ukraine-born Lemon Bucket Orkestra leader Mark Marczyk and his wife, Marichka Marczyk, re-enacts the Maidan revolution, only this time the guns are paper and the bricks foam.

Emotions are tricked by actions. Adrenalin surges, part of a group, you can’t help but feel committed to the cause.

Pulled into the beating heart of a protest, watch as barricades burn and performers play dead, this is powerful, play-acting at its very best.

Counting Sheep arms you with knowledge, experience and courage yet, as the final scenes show, nothing prepares you for war.

The sell-out show at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and winner of two Dora Awards for Outstanding Ensemble and Choreograph, Counting Sheep is a striking, visceral exploration into the politics of revolution, beating with the heart of people yearning for a better tomorrow.

Suitable for ages 14+, a limited number of tickets are available for Counting Sheep, due to the nature of the performance. Adapted especially for the 2017 Freedom Festival, don’t miss out on the opportunity to see this once in a lifetime show as we invite you to come be part of the revolution!

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★★★★ Edinburgh festivals magazine – “a theatre adventure that really gets under your skin”

★★★★ tVbomb – “There is always a stand out show in the Edinburgh fringe – this is 2016’s”

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