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Sideshow Illusions presents The Headless Lady & The Mummy

Sensational, bizarre and thrilling live sideshows, unseen for fifty years. You won’t believe your eyes!

Step right this way for the most incredible, the most stupendous and the extraordinary! Be amazed by Yvette, the Headless Lady, kept alive by the miracles of modern 1950s science!

Experience the terror, enjoy the creepy delight and be astonished in The Mummy Show, as Princess Elmira transforms in front of your eyes into a hideous, two-thousand-year-old undead mummy monstrosity.

These live sideshows thrilled thousands at Hull Fair and at seaside resorts throughout the country in the 50s and 60s. They were hidden away in storage, undiscovered for many years and now for the first time in fifty years they will reappear at Freedom Festival to perplex and flabbergast audiences!

“Roll up! Roll up! The carnival freak show’s back from retirement to shock and amaze – but all done in the best possible taste” Jonathan Brown, The Independent

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