Tombs Creatius present The Trip cover photo

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Tombs Creatius present The Trip

This crazy catalan sideshow invites the lonely (and brave) spectator to make a surreal trip, a once in a lifetime experience.

A trip inside a wondrous machine which takes the spectator to the limit, all the way to the real border or…who knows?

Maybe the unique border, the one that separates life from death.

Have a nice trip!

We’re very please to invite these lovely Catalan artists to the festival in 2017, with their gorgeous array of playful old school games, ‘Monster Colour’, fun for all the family and their mysterious sideshow ‘The Trip’, who knows where they will take you… always playful, always inventive, a joy of the festival scene.

This presentation has been supported by Institut Ramon Llull and Catalan Arts, in partnership with The Global Street touring network.

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