Friends of Freedom


Individual Friends of Freedom

Anna Harvatt, Neil Porteus, Kate Denby, Samantha Madden, Andy Balman, Mark Hodson, David Lovell, Susan Beal, Diana Tanasa, Rick Welton, Pamela Clark, Victoria Inge, Graham Bailey, Ricky Stephenson, Janet Penny, Clare Huby, Chris Brown, Alice Thomson, Julie Lloyd, Shireen Walker, Mary Igoe, Dave Rowe, Carolyn Waudby, Cath Boury, Mel Haynes, Sharon Worsnop, Jennifer Dimishky, Gina Allen. 

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Family Friends of Freedom

The Burnett Family:

The Hainsworth-Staples Family: Kate, Stephen, Camille, Harry

The Dalby Family: Trish, Stephen, James and Laura

The Humphreys Family:

The Chesters Family:

The Keel Family: David Keel, Andrea Goldsmith, Chloe Hart, Charles Goldsmith, Chris Simms

The McLelland Family: Stuart, Lesley, Alistair and Jamie

The Bark Family: John, Janet

The Walker Family: Joanne,

The Brolls Family: Janien,

The Jonez Family: Helen,

The Harris Family: Norman, Jayne and Lauren

The Sarjo Family:

The Allen Family:

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Corporate Friends of Freedom

Tracy Allen, Principal Resourcing

Pat Coyle, Rollits


business-friends-of-freedom-logoBusiness Friends of Freedom

Deborah Kuhr-Jones, K2 Training Services Ltd