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by Laurence Payot  

Produced by ArtReach

Angels, Laurence Payot.

Angels, by Laurence Payot, celebrates the courage and optimism of displaced people.

From childhood lullabies remembered from another country, to the things that makes them happy in their new homes. Refugee and Asylum Seekers from across the UK have created a series of visual and audio portraits reminding us all how we can cope with difficult situations and find strength in the things that comfort us.

 A series of intimate video portraits projected on to walls around the city, talking to us, by surprise, in the most unexpected places. 

Produced by ArtReach and funded by Arts Council England. 

Fri 30 Aug, 8:30pm - 9:15pm
Fri 30 Aug, 9:45pm - 10:30pm
Sat 31 Aug, 8:30pm - 9:15pm
Sat 31 Aug, 9:45pm - 10:30pm

Map Ref 13: Princes Street (8.30pm), Map Ref 9: Rose Bowl (9.45pm)

This is a FREE event.

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