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The latest news from Freedom Festival ARTS TRUST

Stay up-to-date with all the latest event news. Here you’ll find up-to-the-minute programme information; news from Freedom Festival Arts Trust; blog posts from artists, sponsors and partners and more.


“Do you want to come outside and play?” – Outdoor Arts Seminar for Artists and Local Arts Professionals

Freedom Festival Arts Trust is passionate about artist development, locally, regionally and…

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Sway: artist opportunity

Sway: (implies the acting of influences that are not resisted or are irresistible,…

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Artist Liaison Nokia Phone – Looking back as the Artist Liaison Intern by Elise Fairbairn

There’s something surreal about walking into an office after a humongous arts…

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“BEST SHIFT EVER!” – What it was like being the Admin & Volunteering Intern by Hannah Barlow

“BEST SHIFT EVER!!” one of our volunteers’ screeches, whizzing past me on…

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There’s a buzz…

It has been three weeks since I first entered the headquarters of…

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Take part in Rise!

Rise! TAKE PART IN RISE! We are looking for several volunteers to…

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Thrown in at the deep end: A Production Intern’s first few weeks in the job

My first 2 weeks of my first professional job are over. I…

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Freedom Fever Blog: Life as an Intern at Freedom Festival

My first day of Admin and Volunteering Interning has arrived: It’s warm…

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Thyme to turnip the beet: meeting the growers behind FEASTival!

As the Freedom FEASTival draws nearer and festival goers prepare to sit…

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