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Fair Winds and Following Seas

Presented by The Broken Orchestra featuring Vicky Foster

Embark on a journey along the River Hull with a personal soundscape created by The Broken Orchestra exploring a historically rich yet seemingly forgotten area of the city.

Music and poetry created by production duo Pat Dooner and Carl Conway-Davis, and poet Vicky Foster weaves multiple musical textures and words to create powerful and evocative 3D soundscapes especially for this audio walking tour.

This unique experience will take the form of an individual walking tour guided by the soundscape.

On arrival at the starting point you will be given the instructions and audio files necessary.

Please bear in mind this work is best experienced individually, will only be for a limited audience and will be managed on a first com first served basis, you may have to wait a short time to begin your journey at peak times.

A unique experience not to be missed.

“Sweet electronica to soothe weary hearts and minds.”

Johnno Casson, Fresh on the Net

Commissioned by Freedom Festival Arts Trust in partnership with Hull Yorkshire’s Maritime City. With support from ACE project funds and BBC Blue Room.

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Wed 28 Aug - Sun 1 Sep

Location: TBC

This is a FREE event.

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