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Freedom Sessions: Home

presented by The Broken Orchestra and Vicky Foster


Home explores what it is to live on earth: 7.6 billion people moving across a surface area of 510,000 km sq, making a multitude of journeys in myriad towns and cities, through all kinds of weather, time zones and circumstances, all whilst spinning at 1000 miles per hour, and all slowly heating up.

When first commissioned by Hull Jazz Festival in 2019, Home explored the daily journeys made by 6 people in Hull. Now, with the help of Freedom Festival’s network of artists, it spreads out across six of the seven continents and explores not only people’s daily lives, but the creeping effects of climate change in the places where they live.

Come and see earth with new eyes. The Broken Orchestra and Vicky Foster will share this specially commissioned live soundscape and spoken word performance beneath Luke Jerram’s Gaia, inside the stunning Hull Minster, which will be lined with trees, courtesy of The Woodland Trust.

Broken Orchestra 4
Broken Orchestra
Vicky Foster

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