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PhD Cluster – Living with the consequences of Slavery

presented by Wilberforce Institute, University of Hull

Ndiweteko Jennifer Nghishitende

The ‘Living with the Consequences of Slavery’ PhD Cluster examines three different angles of critical victimology.

The first presentation is led by Isabel Arce Zelada, whose investigation centres on testimonies, in asylum courts and beyond, and the extent to which these deliver justice.

The second presentation, led by Mavuto Kambochola Banda, focuses on tea and tobacco plantations in Malawi. Mavuto will examine the unintended consequences of policy measures which are put in place to tackle contemporary forms of slavery.

And the third presentation, by Ndiweteko Jennifer Nghishitende, focuses on what happens after people have experienced exploitation, how people make sense of these experiences and how they then move on with their lives, especially in the longer-term, with an emphasis on questions of dignity and rights.

This film is available to watch until 5 September

'There are no inherent migrant rights in human rights' – Isabel Arce Zelada

 ‘Policy interventions need to be specific to the context’ – Mavuto Kambochola Banda

 ‘A typical victim of modern slavery has been constructed, and this affects identification’ - Ndiweteko Jennifer Nghishitende


Isabel Arce Zelada


Mavuto Kambochola Banda


Ndiweteko Jennifer Nghishitende

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