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Want to become a Freedom Volunteer?

A festival powered by people. Since 2013 Freedom Festival has been supported by an incredible group of volunteers who have proved to be indispensable in delivering Hull's annual Freedom Festival. In 2018, our volunteer programme was supported by over 130 local people, aged 17 to 85 - representing every corner of the city of Hull and beyond.

Part of our family, Freedom Volunteers are the friendly face of the Freedom Festival who enrich the experience of artists and audiences alike. They are the beating heart of the organisation and play and invaluable role at the festival, year-round programme and are true advocates of our work.

Would you like to become a Freedom Maker at this year’s festival? Want to support the region’s largest arts festival?

Applications will open in April 2020. Sign up to our newsletter or check back in the spring for more information.


"Our Volunteers are the beating heart of Freedom Festival."