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This year we celebrate the 250th anniversary of the first ever circus in England so we thought to ensure the next 250 years of circus we better give everyone a chance to learn the skills needed to be the circus artists of the future – it’s in your hands folks. Roll up Roll up and whatever you do don’t be shy!!!

Circus Avagao (UK)

Take part in a circus workshop for all the family learn to juggle, stilt-walk, unicycle and much much more with the friendly Circus Avago teachers.

Family Clown Workshop – With Fraser Hooper (NZ)

Exercise your funny bones and discover the art of clowning around with internationally acclaimed clown Fraser Hooper. Through improvisation, rhythm and games learn how to develop your comic timing, build routines and discover what makes you seriously funny.

A workshops for all the family to take part in from age 5-95 years old (or young)

Now residing in Wellington New Zealand Fraser Hooper has taught at theatre and clown festivals worldwide and was for twelve years the regular clown tutor at The National Centre for Circus Arts London.


Gravity and Other Myths (AUS) – Introduction to tumbling and acrobalance

As an introduction into the world of acrobatics, this workshop will teach basic tumbling, group pyramids and handstands at both a beginner and intermediate level. Over 60 minutes students will cartwheel, stand on their hands and learn to work together to create counterbalances and human pyramids in a safe and supportive environment.

A one off opportunity to learn from one of the most exciting and talented circus companies touring the world currently.

If you’re interested in circus, dance, parkour, acrobatics or anything physical and circussy do not miss this opportunity to learn from the very best.

The Print Shop – Marcello Rosi-Camus (UK/USA)

Look out for this pop up shop on Whitefriargate, as part of the wider ‘city of words’ programme, come and learn to print your own t-shirt with words that inspire you, learn to design a poster or perhaps even create something for a very special performance which takes place on the opening night of the festival.

More will be revealed as this very special shop comes to life.