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Showcases and Symposiums

Adhok at Freedom Festival 2018. Image credit Tom Arran.

Following on from the success of our professional programme delivered throughout Freedom Festival 2018, in 2019 we expanded on our professional programme in partnership with the British Council, Hull Truck Theatre and XTRAX, reflecting our commitment to sector development, partnership working, peer to peer learning and showcasing the UK outdoor arts sector.

As thought leader within the international arts scene, the event saw policy makers, producers, artists and practitioners from across the globe arrive in Hull to not only experience Freedom Festival but to engage in a global discussion about art in public space and place making.

The symposium brought leaders in the arts and cultural sector into an inspiring and thought-provoking discourse, alongside artistic interventions that enabled our delegates to explore the city and reflect on the symposium creatively. Our speakers responded to questions including 'How do we create extraordinary places where people thrive and what is needed to fulfil the spectrum of our needs? Can you build an extraordinary city?  How do you collectively harness human narrative, culture, technology and design to achieve the vision?' and topics around alternative futures and system change, embracing risk and place-based narratives, and 'Reflections from a Cultural City? Where do we go from here?'

Our 2019 speakers included: David Keel (C4DI), Chris Murray (British Council), Rob Beardsworth (Hull City Council), Donna Close (University of Brighton/AMP Culture), Seth Honnor (Kaleider), Emer Grant (NN Contemporary Art), Yasmin Merali (University of Hull), Mark Babych (Hull Truck Theatre), R.M. Sanchez-Camus (Applied Live Art), Richard Demarco CBE, Mikey Martins (Freedom Festival Arts Trust), Amanda Huxtable, Annie Roy (ATSA), Kathy McArdle (British Council), Franco Bianchini (University of Hull), Janthi Mills-Ward (Hull Truck Theatre), Garry Taylor, Pete Massey (Arts Council England), Louise Yates (Back to Ours), Darren O'Donnell (Mammalian Diving Reflex) and Jenny Howard-Coombes (Freedom Festival Arts Trust).

We were delighted to hear keynote presentations from Chris Murray (British Council) and David Keel (C4DI) and have artistic interventions provided by Paul Schofield (English Heritage Guide), Julien Marchaisseau (RARA Woulib), Broken Orchestra and Vicky Foster, Ellie Harrison, R.M. Sanchez-Camus and Davina Drummond.

Our professional events give us the opportunity to champion the city of Hull, not only as a city of culture but a city of creation and discourse.

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