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Smart, Clean and Green – Transforming the Foundation Industries Research & Innovation Hub

presented by Mark Jolly, Cranfield University


Many people understand that our modern society has created the current global climate change as a result of greenhouse gas emissions. We understand that a vegetarian diet generally creates lower emissions than meat-based diet. But what about materials in the everyday products that we use? Such materials have carbon footprints and this event will show how the evolution of the industrial age has created the problem but how by working smarter, more cleanly and in a greener way we can mitigate the current situation.

TransFIRe is a UK funded research and innovation hub of over 75 organisations with expertise from all the materials sectors in the Foundation Industries (cement, ceramics, chemicals, glass, metals and paper). The hub will support these industries hit the government target of net zero 2050. The research will look at best practices to reduce energy and CO2, reuse and reduction of waste materials, and energy capture local community engagement.

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