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The Last Step Before Starting

presented by Mohammed Khaled

Freedom Festival present a series of short films by Mohammed Khaled looking at the experience of migrants forced to leave their country and move to a new society with a different culture and how they aim to settle and achieve success.

Filmed entirely in Hull, these films will examine why they left their country and how Hull and the UK compares.

Looking at each individuals current situation, the challenges of adapting to a new society and their hopes and plans for the future. 

These films are available to watch until 5 September.

The Last Step Before Starting

Film 1: Journey to find life: Eman's Family Part 1

Film 2: Wars: Thair Alshawi

Film 3: Homeland Ambassadors: Safaa

Film 4: Stations: Mody

Film 5: Dream: Laith

Film 6: The Challenge: Eman's Family Part 2

Commissioned by Freedom

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