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75th Anniversary of Hiroshima

Freedom Festival were due to host the opening of Lee Karen Stow's exhibition Something to Breathe on 6th August 2020 to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the first atomic bombings on people, unfortunately due to lock down measures in response to Covid-19 we were not able to complete the work and the exhibition has been postponed to 2021.

Despite not being able to open the exhibition we felt it was important to mark the anniversary and for the voices of the women survivors featured in Lee's work to be shared.

In the following zoom conversation recorded during lockdown and video messages, three generations of Hiroshima women reflect on the 75th Anniversary of the first atomic bombings on people and why their call for a world without nuclear weapons is more urgent than ever.

Part of the #SomethingToBreathe project by Hull documentary photographer Lee Karen Stow.

Read more about Something to Breathe in Lee's blog post here.

Ms Teruko Ueno

Ms Tomoko Watanabe

Ms Kuniko Watanabe

Freedom Festival Arts Trust would like to thank:

Lee Karen Stow

Ms Teruko Ueno, survivor (hibakusha)

Ms Tomoko Watanabe, ANT-Hiroshima

Ms Kuniko Watanabe, ANT-Hiroshima

Ms Naoko Koizumi, project liaison and translation

You can read Lee Karen Stow's photo essay for the BBC here.

Listen to more survivor testimony on the Imperial War Museum's website here.

ANT-Hiroshima (Asian Network of Trust)
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

In partnership with the Imperial War Museum War & Conflict Specialist Subject Network.

Something to Breathe is supported by the St Hughes Foundation for the Arts. https://www.sthughsfoundation.co.uk/

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