Core Funders

Core Funders

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Meet our Friends of Freedom 

We're really grateful to have the following individuals and families as our friends. Friends of Freedom are individuals who share our values and belief that great art, inspires, celebrates, unifies and transforms people and place. If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Freedom please visit this page. 

Individual Friends

Susan Beal  

Kathleen Bulmer 

Pamela Clark 

Jennifer Dimishsky

Elspeth Johnson 

Amanda McKean 

Meg Reedier 

Graham Reedier 

Family Friends 

The Ayre Family  

The Bailey Family

The Jenkins Family

The Keel Family

The Lewsley Family

The Palmer Family

Freedom Champions

Graham Chesters 

Kate Hainsworth-Staples 

We would love to become friends.

For more information about becoming a Friend of Freedom drop us a line at