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Meet our ambassadors

Vital enablers of our work in the city and beyond.

Our Freedom family includes a group of 13 incredible Freedom Ambassadors. With boundless enthusiasm and energy they underpin Freedom Festival and our year-round programme of work. 

As Ambassadors, they give invaluable guidance and support to our volunteers. Their richly diverse life experience, knowledge and wider community involvement makes them vital enablers for our work in the city and beyond. We feel privileged to call this passionate and committed team of individuals our friends.

  • Pat Greaken, Ambassador since 2014 
  • Lyn Hubbard, Ambassador since 2015 
  • Jack Whileblood, Ambassador since 2015 
  • Judy King, Ambassador since 2015 
  • Kate Ogram, Ambassador since 2015 
  • Gareth Davies, Ambassador since 2016 
  • Sean Alton, Ambassador since 2016 
  • Adam Peckitt, Ambassador since 2017
  • Graham Reedier, Ambassador since 2017
  • Marguerite (Meg) Reedier, Ambassador since 2017
  • Caron Mincke, Ambassador since 2019
  • Nigel Watt, Ambassador since 2019
  • Gemma Bellerby, Ambassador since 2019
  • Kate Clark, Ambassador since 2019