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Our work

Imagine. Wonder. Explore.

An organisation built on the history and values of the city which is our home, we believe in artistic activism - particularly in public space - as a way to explore and highlight current issues prevalent in society, to bring people together and create new narratives. Artists can offer important new perspectives and we believe artistic excellence is more necessary now than ever before.

Through our work, art becomes a communal activity as communities converge and we contribute to supporting a liveable city where people can thrive. Operating largely in public space, we present the annual international Freedom Festival as well as a growing year-round programme that explores issues related to human rights, democracy and social justice.

Our work plays an instrumental role in the cultural renaissance of the city of Hull, nurturing the growth of our creative community. At the heart is a commitment to hearing, learning, sharing and working, not in isolation but in partnership, to imagine, wonder, explore, test and shape ideas and challenge the status quo.

Brave. Bold. Brilliant.

Working nationally and internationally, we support the creation of new, extraordinary work, enabling great art to happen. Through our growing commissioning and artist development programme, we challenge artists to be braver, to dream bigger, to explore notions of freedom and to celebrate human rights.

Through the power of the arts we inspire and engage diverse audiences, creating multiple access points to an artistic programme which is fully accessible and reflective of modern-day Britain. In doing so, we reduce barriers to access, enabling all people to be excited by and to participate in the arts, empowering communities to have a stronger voice in the city.

The festival and all our in-year work will always be entertaining. But it will also always be accessible, thought-provoking and spectacular yet intimate. It will be multi-disciplinary and will vary in scale. We believe this to be the best way to engage a truly diverse audience in a truly world-class cultural festival and effect positive, long-term and meaningful change.

Hull is emerging as a city of creation. We will continue to push this and further enrich the audience experience by bringing high quality art to Hull, as well as nurturing the fantastic artists and creative sector that are here in the city.