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Logan Dankworth

Luke Wright 

I believed that Fukayama line: the end of history. But History didn’t end, did it? It just passed out, done in, knackered, spent. But now I sensed that history was stirring, slapping the alarm clock, hacking up its lungs, falling out of bed, coffee on and ciggie on the back step, plotting, scheming. 

Meet Logan Dankworth: Stand-up, Columnist, Twitter Warrior, Remainer. Logan grew up in the age of Blair, romanticising the political turmoil of the 1980s. Now, as the EU Referendum begins he is determined to be in the fray of the biggest political battle for years. Meanwhile, Logan’s wife Megan wants to move back home to Essex to better raise their daughter, a move Logan will not consider. As tensions rise at home and across the nation, something is set to be lost forever.

The third in Luke Wright’s trilogy of political verse plays looks at division, trust and privilege in the Brexit age.

Written and performed by Luke Wright, commissioned by Freedom Festival Arts Trust.