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Core Funders

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Past Commissions

From epic to intimate moments in public spaces what was your Freedom highlight? 

Substratum by Full Tilt Aerial at Freedom Festival 2018. Image credit Tom Arran.

Freedom FEASTival 2018

Hull's biggest homegrown community feast returned for it's second year.

Pig from Seth Honnor, Kaleider (IN SITU Pilot Project)

Pig poses a playful dilemma in public space from the moment it is unveiled.

Print Shop: RISE [UP]!

A collective expression of freedom and empowerment.


Commissioned for Freedom Festival 2018 by Full Tilt Aerial.

Freedom FEASTival 2017

Feast amongst a fantastical performance!

Beyond Words

The Beyond Words project began in September 2016.

Sura Medura

An international artists residency centre based in Sri Lanka.