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Professional Symposium 2019

A global discussion about how art can change the world. Just maybe... 

29 Aug - 1 Sept, Hull Truck Theatre.  

Adhok at Freedom Festival 2018. Image credit Tom Arran.

Following on from the success of our international professional symposium which took place during Freedom Festival 2018, this year we will host an even bigger symposium in partnership with XTRAX. 

A thought leader within the international arts scene, we're delighted to host this event which saw policy makers, producers, artists and practitioners from across the globe arrive in Hull to not only experience Freedom Festival but to engage in a global discussion about art in public space.

The symposium gives us the opportunity to really champion the city of Hull, not only as a city of culture but a city of creation.

Building on last year’s success we are partnering once again with XTRAX to host the XTRAX / Freedom Festival showcase. Outdoor arts professionals can spend three days enjoying our ambitious festival, see a rich programme of outdoor shows and meet with others working in the industry.

This year we are supporting and will showcase a number of exceptional newly commissioned works at Freedom Festival and other festivals across the city, while work is already under way on ground breaking new work which will come to fruition in 2020.  

We are also inviting critically acclaimed artists to work with local people, placing them front and centre to the creative process with a series of thought provoking, participatory projects that respond to society.

The Freedom Festival Professional Symposium 2019 – The Art of Unconventional

Reception Thursday 29 August

Thursday 29 August and Friday 30 August

Arts professionals, artists, urban planners, policymakers, and technologists from across the globe will converge to explore the interface between art, technology, communities, urban design and health and wellbeing. They will consider the ubiquitous nature of art in public space, the rise of socially engaged artistic practise and the impact of emerging and smart technologies on our everyday landscape and consider how do we build extraordinary places where people thrive?

XTRAX Shorts – Saturday, 31 August | 10 am – 12 pm

XTRAX Shorts is XTRAX's signature brand of artists pitch sessions where artists and companies give imaginative presentations about outdoor projects in development to an audience of UK and international festival and event representatives, producers, and others working in the sector. XTRAX Shorts is followed by networking, providing those in attendance with the opportunity to find out more about these projects.

XTRAX Shorts supports artists by giving them the chance to present a project to people who can potentially commission, present or support it in other ways including in-kind or low-cost provision of rehearsal space, mentoring, or advocacy. For festival programmers and event producers, it complements the showcase programme by providing them with an additional chance to network, and find out about new work. Projects presented as part of XTRAX Shorts have often gone on to be supported, commissioned or booked by those in attendance.

International Newsround – Sunday, 1 September | 10:30 am – 12 pm 

XTRAX will host an informal networking session where it will invite promoters to share information about their projects. It will also invite international colleagues to share information about any opportunities for UK artists to get involved. If you are a promoter, you can speak briefly about your festival and/or events, upcoming opportunities and ways to get involved. Feel free to also bring promotional material to share. 

To register your interest in attending the Symposium on the Thursday and Friday please complete the form below. If you would like to attend the XTRAX events on Saturday and Sunday please register on the XTRAX website.





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