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Digital Democracies

Digital Democracies is a national project exploring the intersection of technology and public space.

The project brings together partners from across the UK – civic, cultural, HE and tech sectors with artists to explore new experiences in our shared public social spaces – real world and online- where we live, work, visit and play.

Public social spaces – live and online – are the spaces that we have made to connect to other people and which embody our shared humanity. Free-to-access, open-to-all, inherently culturally diverse – these spaces and the people that animate them are the engines for both place-making and community development, and the crucible where our individual and collective identities are forged. But these spaces are also often contested, sometimes privately owned and surveilled, governed by invisible infrastructures and social codes that can undermine their value as spaces for grassroots social and cultural democracy.

Digital Democracies aims to explore these opportunities through a flexible innovation programme of commissioning and testing new work, engaging audiences and running professional development opportunities for artists, producers, creative technologists and those interested in social development of place.

If you would like to find out more please email:  digitaldemocracies@thresholdstudios.tv

Led by Threshold Studios and supported by Arts Council England, Digital Democracies connects three UK-based commissioning festivals, Frequency International Festival of Digital Culture (Produced by Threshold Studios), Freedom Festival (Produced by Freedom Festival Arts Trust) and Brighton Digital Festival (Produced by Lighthouse and Brandwatch), along with a network of associate partners and collaborators across the UK.

Click here to visit the Threshold Studios Digital Democracies site