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Every year, 130 amazing volunteers give their time and energy to help make Freedom Festival a success.

We are a festival powered by people.

Since 2013 Freedom Festival has been supported by an incredible group of volunteers who have proved to be indispensable in delivering Hull's annual Freedom Festival. In 2019, our volunteer programme was supported by over 130 local people, aged 17 to 85, representing every corner of the city of Hull and beyond.

Part of our family, Freedom Volunteers are the friendly faces of the Freedom Festival who enrich the experience of artists and audiences alike. They are the beating heart of the organisation and play an invaluable role at the festival, and throughout our year-round programme: they are true advocates of our work.

Freedom Maker Roles

Our Freedom Makers consist of four distinct areas, working alongside one another to support the festival activity:

  • Meet and Greet: these volunteers really are the face of the festival, they are the friendly faces from whom you can collect a programme when you step off your train, and they'll be around to answer all of your questions throughout your visit to the festival. Our Meet and Greet volunteers are super knowledgeable and love talking about the festival and the city, so do stop by to say hello!
  • Event Support: these are the volunteers who make sure everything goes smoothly on our shows - you might find them signposting the crowd during a walkabout performance, or greeting you when you enter the big top for one of our performances. Event Support volunteers are on hand to make sure that you enjoy each performance to its fullest!
  • Artist Liaison: not always visible to the public, our Artist Liaison volunteers work behind the scenes with the artists to make sure not only that their individual shows go smoothly, but that they feel super welcome in Hull and at the Festival - they are the people who ensure that our artists go home shouting about how amazing festival and our city really are!
  • Media Team: have you seen one of our volunteers collecting vox pops, taking photos or live-tweeting a show? They will be from our Media Team! These volunteers work with our Marketing and PR team to make sure that the whole world is kept up to date with the festival in realtime - just because someone can't make it to Hull for the festival doesn't mean they have to miss out, thanks to our Media Team!

Fancy giving it a go? Our volunteering applications open in April 2020. Sign up to our newsletter of check back in the Spring for more information. If you've got any burning questions, feel free to get in touch via volunteers@freedomfestival.co.uk - it would be great to hear from you!

"Our Volunteers are the beating heart
of Freedom Festival."