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Without Walls

2019 Commissions

We’re proud to be a commissioning partner of Without Walls, a network of festivals that brings fantastic outdoor arts to audiences across the UK. 

Thirteen projects were commissioned by Without Walls in 2019; six of these were presented at Freedom Festival 2019. Read on to find out more.

'ON EDGE' by Justice in Motion

Justice in Motion and the Inspire community marry exciting choreography and parkour athletics with beauty and humour, to tell a stimulating, moving tale that asks – what does freedom really mean? Atop towering scaffolding, a group of men ricochet around a building site. Their routine may give a sense of purpose and security yet behind the perimeter fencing, all is not as it first appears.

The riveting, stunning 'ON EDGE' performance involves an international cast including leading parkour athletes. Join them before the show to explore the sensational freedom of moving around the parkour construction site.

… Come and play!

Click here to find out more about 'ON EDGE'.

A performer in a white hard hat and yellow reflective jacket is upside down, mid-air, among metal scaffolding.
2019-08-31 Justice in Motion - On Edge 1 (3)
2019-08-31 Justice in Motion - On Edge 1 (6)

'My House' by Apocalyptic Circus

Welcome to 'My House! Come close and look in through the enticing doors and windows. If you are patient enough you might find out who lives here! 'My House' is a circus theatre experience for little people and their families. This magical, quirky structure, invites people to come close and almost become part of the performance.

Click here to find out more about 'My House'.

In the centre of a white house-shaped stage, a woman dressed all in yellow moves a box containing a woman dressed all in green. The audience watch on through the windows.
A performer dressed all in yellow balances on a tightrope. This is viewed through a circular window.
2019-08-31 Apocalyptic Circus - My House  (7)

'Congregation' by Ray Lee

In 'Congregation' the audience is each given a silver sphere. They are instructed that the sphere will guide them to a location by emitting sounds, one sound for the correct direction and another for the wrong way. As the audience members walk off holding their sonic spheres they turn a corner and find more people also carrying spheres until they all become a congregation moving inexorably towards a central location.

The mass of ‘singing’ spheres will create a humming electronic web of sound that will attract and engage thousands of passers-by in a strange processional science fiction ceremony.

Click here to find out more about 'Congregation'.

People taking part in Congregation by Ray Lee
2019-08-31 Ray Lee - Congregation (2) C4Di
2019-08-31 Ray Lee - Congregation (1)

'Catch Me' by Upswing

A playful and dynamic pop up style performance and installation, 'Catch Me' invites the public to question their expectations of age and gender and who is capable of what. Blending dance, acrobatics, object manipulation and installation, this show will open unexpected dialogue and surprise passers-by with an intergenerational cast.

Click here to find out more about 'Catch Me'.

Upswing - Catch Me (1)

'Wild' by Motionhouse

What is it to be wild?

'Wild', the daring new dance-circus production from Motionhouse, explores our disconnect with the natural environment. In our increasingly urban lives, is the wild still shaping our behaviour?

Performers use powerful physicality and daring feats to move through an intriguing forest of tall poles. From the top of the pole, life in the canopy looks down onto the forest floor – a dangerous world of unknown meetings.

Where do we belong? Do we choose to survive as a lone wolf or engage with the pack and the tribe?

Click here to find out more about 'Wild'.

Dancers in bright clothing doing handstands among metal scaffolding
A performer is elevated high above the audience on a scaffolding platform.
A group of six performers in bright clothes balance on top of one another, in between metal scaffolding.

'BOING' by Plunge Boom

BOING is a character who makes noises but never speaks. His whole body is full of sound that’s literally bursting to get out, be it from his fingers or his feet. A cheeky chap with an insatiable curiosity for the world around him, BOING invites you to see & hear the world from his own unique perspective. A show for all ages combining humour with pathos.

Click here to find out more about 'BOING'.

2019-08-31 Plunge Boom - Boing - Whitefriargate (c) Paul Benson (1)
2019-08-31 Plunge Boom - Boing - Whitefriargate (c) Paul Benson (2)
2019-08-31 Plunge Boom - Boing - Whitefriargate (c) Paul Benson (3)