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Young Reporters Club 

For 2019, we've teamed up with Ron Dearing UTC for a unique two-year partnership to create the Young Reporters Club. 

Students from Ron Dearing University Technical College (UTC) are preparing to tell the story of Hull’s award-winning arts festival from a young person’s perspective as they take on the roles of reporters to cover the five-day event in 2019.

We've teamed up with the employer-led school for a unique two-year partnership to create the Young Reporters Club, which will see three students join the event’s official media team in both 2019 and 2020.

The three students who successfully applied following the announcement of the partnership in June will be tasked with producing a broad range of content, using writing, reporting, story-uncovering, blogging, vlogging, and photography skills, and will undergo training during the summer holidays ahead of the festival.

The aim is to provide a platform for the voices of young people in Hull and enable them to tell the Freedom Festival story, exploring key issues such as human rights and equality and diversity, and building on the knowledge they are gaining through Ron Dearing UTC’s creative curriculum.

The first assignment for our three young reporters, Rebecca Shervin and Deon was to spend time getting to know the festival and the programme and to write a 400 word blog post. So here they are, in their own words...   

Meet Rebecca 

Hello, my names Rebecca and I’m apart of the youth reporters for the freedom festival. I’m a goth metalhead, who likes to draw, create characters and take photos. I hope to bring something unusual and interesting to the festival’s outlook and media posts. I have  a few disabilities (dyslexia , visual stress ,borderline autism and anxiety) that I do struggle with but I try my best to find ways around them and I don’t let them stop me.

I am mostly looking forward to learning how the festival runs, and how a small idea can become a big thing over time and how it has grown over the years and became so popular.

I am also excited for all the different experiences at the festival. I am mostly looking forward to Hull’s international carnival to see all the costumes and be inspired by them! Also, high horse and circus Ronaldo sound quite exciting and lots of fun!

I am hoping to gain confidence, but also digital skills such as video editing and how social media for businesses /promoting works.

Meet Shervin

My name is Shervin, I am an aspiring photographer, I like to take photos and make videos on my spare time. 

I am one of the many young reports who will be working with the freedom festival team, I am excited to attend this event as I have never been too it before, it’s going to be a fun and interesting experience. Very excited to work with the team and work alongside them 

I am especially looking forward to seeing the outdoor performance. I think they are great and exiting, Live and right in your face experience. Hoping to see The Band at the End of the World. From the images that I have seen from last year on the freedom festival website, I think they are very intriguing, and I would love to capture the audience reaction as this program is action packed. And I'm sure that they are not going to disappoint anyone. 

Working as a youth reporter I hope to gain an experience of working in a team as well as independently, roaming around the street taking many photos and uploading them to social media. I will be able to learn the vibrant communities that will be infuse together, the live and the celebration of human freedom. Everything is new to me and I want to experience that during my time working with Freedom festival youth reporter team. 

Meet Deon

Hi! I’m Deon Wong. I love photography and artistic experiences because creating a unique and dimensional experience that will play around with the audience emotions and feelings is extraordinary. I believe a “picture is worth a thousand words”, using my attention to detail I can reflect the music, dance, art, street theatre and entertainment emotions and feelings from the audience and performers. Furthermore, I love travelling because it expands my view on the world, allowing me to interact with different cultures and people.

As a ‘Youth Reporter’ I will be tasked to produce a broad range of content, using writing, reporting, story-uncovering, blogging, vlogging and photography skills. I will be responsible for reflecting the voice of the festival onto engaging media contents, which will be used across various media outlets. I will be given access all areas, allowing me to interview artists and audience members about all things Freedom Festival.  

I’m looking forward to see Hull coming together and marking the anniversary of the abolishing of the slave trade in the British Empire. Freedom Festival is Hull’s award-winning international arts festival and it’s a great representation of Eurovision because Eurovision and Freedom Festival have similar goals which is to interact and bring different cultures together allowing them to showcase their talents from around the world. 

I’m most looking forward to seeing “WILD” because it has strong message about the world becoming more distanced away from the natural environment due to our urban lives. Incorporating heights and acrobatic skills allows the performers to express different emotions and thoughts, which will be interesting to see.

I’m also looking forward to seeing “ON EDGE” because their story reflects the meaning and reason why Freedom Festival was created, showcasing modern slavery through parkour. In addition, they also incorporate the hidden past basics that parkour was collaborative, whilst today it has become more individual.

Freedom Festival will 100% push me out of my comfort zone, but I’m always ready for a challenge. I’m continuously seeking for new skills and improving my weaknesses for example, interviewing and interacting with people because I can become shy, but I know being a youth reporter will help me to overcome this obstacle. I hope to gain new skills and passing them onto others, as a result of them improving their weaknesses.

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