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Participation and Engagement

Credit: Tom Arran Photography

Since 2013 we have supported over 11,000 local people as participants in year-round participatory projects. 

The team at Freedom Festival Arts Trust aims for everyone to feel that they are part of the Freedom Festival and year-round programme. Central to this is our approach to creative participation. We work closely with leading artists to develop projects whose narratives are relevant to our communities and where community participation is core to the creative process. We search the globe for artists who offer co-creation and participatory invitations that are world class, inspiring and empowering.

Each year we work with 5 -10 headline artists/projects to develop innovative opportunities for creative participation for people at all stages of their lives with a focus on our priority communities. Over the years we have worked with companies including WLDN, Mammalian Diving Reflex, Southpaw Dance, L’Homme Debout, Kaleider Studios, Social Art Network and Cie ATSA on innovative and powerful socially engaged creative participation projects that have had a positive impact on participants and celebrate their personal creativity. Our most recent participation project The Hull Vigil includes a film, publication and an exhibition which celebrates the experience of participants and rightfully places them at the heart of this project. We will continue to look at opportunities to embed legacy and publishing into our headline creative participation projects.

You can find out more about participation opportunities by contacting elizabeth@freedomfestival.co.uk