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Participation and Engagement

Credit: Tom Arran Photography

Since 2013 we have supported over 11,000 local people as participants in year-round participatory projects. 

We have a strong history of embedding participation and engagement in our work, attracting large numbers from a wide demographic.

The Pandemic gave us the chance to challenge and evolve our perception of participation by developing new ways of engagement.

This included creating and presenting work that instilled a deep sense of engagement in participants including:

Portraits Without Borders. In lockdown this work by Kaleider Studios brought people together to participate creatively, remotely and digitally by utilising robots controlled by participants drawing images in an empty theatre.  

The Vigil. Planned and launched during the Pandemic, and a UK premiere. This project was an evolution of the concept of participation for us. Each vigil stands alone in a specially constructed shelter watching over their city at sunrise and sunset for a year. Together 700+ participants form a human chain and an expression of global community, humanity and resilience.  The Vigil taught us that there are new ways to look at our participatory models that give a deep emotional engagement with specific projects, the wider community and our organisation.  

If you are interested in hearing about and participating in projects please email info@freedomfestival.co.uk and we will subscribe you to our mailing list.