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Community Correspondents

Gavin Wheeldon, Community Correspondent


For me, Freedom festival has always been a special experience. Last year I saw ‘The Bell’ by Periplum, and it was one of the greatest performances I’d ever seen. I love the spirit and the atmosphere at Freedom Festival, it really brings Hull to life in ways we don’t usually expect.

I joined the programme because I wanted to be a part of that. Not only as an opportunity for personal development, but to really capture that spirit and really show the rich culture Hull has to offer. For me it’s an underrated city and deserves a voice.

Review: The Ball by Wet Picnic at SIRF

By Gavin Wheeldon

Midnight approaches in Stockton, but the night is far from over. The Ball by Wet Picnic takes you on a journey of betrayal, jealousy and mystery, with twists and turns around every corner. You, the audience, are invited by the Gredus family to The Ball, an annual party like no other, filled with ceremony and extravagance. The Ball is bold and stunning, making an impactful statement about greed, power and corruption. The performance takes place over a human chess board, where the key family members are revealed one by one, with members of the audience invited to take part. The plot unravels and takes an unexpected turn, leading to a dramatic climax. Their stories, truths and intentions slowly unfold and it soon becomes clear that in order to get what they want, they must play the game…

But the story does not end here. The barriers are lifted and the audience is invited to take to the floor to dance the night away, and the party goes on.