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Community Correspondents

Jools Outbridge, Community Correspondent

“As someone who was born across the water on the South Bank, I’m proud of my roots over on ‘t’other side’ of the bridge, but now call Hull and the East Riding my home. I’ve done all sorts over the years, worked in retail, hospitality, IT, but three years ago I rediscovered music and radio, and having been given an opportunity to have a dabble on the airwaves, discovered that I’m not bad at it. That, together with a brain full of useful (some would say useless) trivia and an incessant thirst to learn new things, I decided to put it to use and headed back to Uni with my mum’s words ringing in my ear before she passed away. Go and do something useful and make something of yourself…so here I am, final year Journalism student with designs to go further, Masters, Doctorate who knows where I’ll end up, but one thing I’m certain of is that I’m passionate about sharing knowledge with the most important people that we know…the listener and/or reader because without them, we have no job.”