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Community Correspondents

Paul Rainey, Community Correspondent


Paul is Hull born and bred, an electrician by trade and a consumer of local sport, music, comedy and theatre, and basically all things Hull. He believes Hull’s always been a great city and can only get greater! He tirelessly encourages people to get out and indulge in the city’s culture, saying there’s something out there for everyone. He’s proud to promote and shout about this wonderful city and its many events; a city crammed with history, culture and great people.

Spotlight on Humber Street Sesh

By Paul Rainey

Who would have thought a weekly live music night at a small pub would develop into a festival that attracts 30,000+ people, hosts over 200 live artists/bands on 14 stages and features culture and art from over 1000 local creatives – while still only in its fifth year? ‘The Sesh’ music night was initially created to give musicians from Hull and surrounding areas, a platform to perform and have their music played; this is still its mission every Tuesday night at the Polar Bear.

‘The Sesh’ is the brainwave of adopted Hullensian Mark ‘Mak’ Page, the John Peel of the Hull music scene. His unbridled enthusiasm spurned the first Humber Street Sesh in 2011 to celebrate 10 years of The Sesh. The venue for the festival – as for Freedom Festival – is Hull’s historic former fruit market, and the day is a showcase of as many bands/artists as Mak can accommodate. As the festival has grown due to its popularity, so have the running costs, hence a small cover charge was introduced to help fund the ever expanding festival, alongside donations from many generous sponsors. Growing each year with new stages and attractions, including arts and family areas, this year, Sesh got to showcase Hull’s newest, most exciting venue for the first time. Stage @ The Dock, a fantastic new open air performance space, managed by Freedom Festival Arts Trust, was open for the first time during Sesh and showcased a wealth of local talent. Make sure you visit the venue at Freedom Festival too to catch yet more wonderful performances and see our city at its best.