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Community Correspondents

Sarah Mole, Community Correspondent


Sarah has presented radio, designed album covers, written music reviews for xlr8r mag, been in a band, released an album, played a session on BBC 6 Music and curated work at Royal College of Art. In addition, she has co-organised a festival and pop-up shops and events, loves exploring, thrift shop curio, sailing, and most importantly she’s mum to a skateboarding dude. She thinks there’s an adventure at the bottom of every road.

She organises events with whatiscollective and her twitter account @whatiscollectiv looks at how creativity can breathe life into spaces, with a focus on festivals and repurposed space.

Freedom Festival 2016 on Film

By Sarah Mole


CHCPF: Rooted in Hull, Celebrating Culture

By Sarah Mole

Martin Dougan is the Chair of City Health Care Partnership Foundation (CHCPF).

The foundation does fantastic work in the city funding and supporting community projects that make a big difference. They are supportive and encouraging about celebrating culture in the city.

Some of the varied grassroots projects they support in Hull and beyond include organisations Hull Street Angels, the Giroscape Gardens and groups that paint and act, as well as our own Freedom Community Correspondents.

Martin, who moved to Hull as a teenager due to his love of the city’s music, explained that as a company CHCPF encourage staff to get involved in events happening in the city: team members took part in the 2012 Olympics torch parade and the Freedom Chorus.

The foundation and its staff’s commitment to culture and Hull mirrors Freedom Festival’s own values and aims. Freedom to Martin means: “No boundaries, being able to think and feel without restriction.”

Danbor Talka: Sparks will fly

By Sarah Mole

Imagine passionate, dancing drummers that have entertained at events all over the world, tons of equipment, ‘out there’ outfits and pyrotechnics firing off to the rhythm of specially trained percussionists.

French and Basque Country companies Les Commandos Percu and Deabru Beltzak want you to see this and feel inspired. They will perform Danbor Talka (Clash of Drums) on Friday as a highlight of Freedom Festival, along with drummers from the city’s very own Hull Samba, trained by Les Commandos Percu Artistic Director Raymond Gabriel. We spoke to Raymond to find out more.

Q: What does freedom mean to you?

A: Freedom is the right to have a dream that can transform your life.

Q: How do you hope your audience responds to your performance at Freedom Festival?

A: A guy from the audience came to me after a performance and told me that watching the performance made him feel that anything was possible. You can make your dreams a reality, each person can have an idea and make it happen.

Q: Does your work correspond to the Freedom Festival theme?

A: Yes. We are also working with the volunteers and we are sharing our experience and our own freedom with the people.

Q: Have you enjoyed working with Hull Samba and community drummers?

A: It is a good team. Everyone is very friendly and they are very confident.

Q: What is the most important part of the show to get right?

A: The energy should come from the drums, not the fireworks. We work with time and with rhythm. It is a way of saying to the people that we have only one life and only one time. The fire is to show that every single minute of our life is precious.