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Film by Nick Driftwood and Donna Close.

Music by Kevin Matthews.

Do you want to go on an adventure? Hitch a ride on a road-trip to your own personal nirvana. 

ROAD uses first person footage of a road-trip across the iconic American south west through deserts and canyons, coast and cities filmed on a handheld Panasonic GH4 in 4k and edited from 32 hours of raw footage shot over five states.   

This iconic cinematic scenery is set within a soundscape of Matthews’ beautiful original composition interspersed with Driftwood’s chromarithm which maps and translates data about chrominance, luminance and motion vectors from codec streams – and transposes this data to midi to drive sound.  In this way, the score becomes a duet between human and machine interpreting the landscape. 

Play late at night, on a large screen with headphones on and volume up for the full meditative experience.

ROAD attempts to create a fully cinematic experience which puts you in the driver’s seat in the ultimate road trip movie. The film is structured as a series of movements charting different emotional states of going on the road: to escape, to find yourself, to discover the world, contemplate life and death and to have fun.

Designed for public spaces and to be played on a permanent loop, ROAD has been presented at festivals across the UK and was premiered at Frequency Festival and Brighton Digital Festival. It was supported by Arts Council England.

“The result is something effortless and intuitive, a sense of being in some athletic ‘zone’ where self and world are one. This is the fabled freedom of the road that car companies promised us but could never quite deliver.” - New Scientist

 “The glorious poetry of American highways, colour and road combined for the 21st century Jack Kerouac” – audience member, Brighton

Film by Nick Driftwood and Donna Close. Music by Kevin Matthews. Produced by AMP Culture.


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Fri 4 Sep - Sun 6 Sep

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