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 Digital Atmosphere

presented by Studio Above&Below (Perry-James Sugden, Daria Jelonek):


Digital Atmosphere is a Mixed Reality sculpture from London based digital artist duo Perry-James Sugden (UK) and Daria Jelonek (DE), known as Studio Above&Below.

The piece looks at how technology and art can illuminate the quality of our air, usually invisible to the naked eye, however not invisible to our lungs.

At a time when the safety of our air is at the front and centre of our public consciousness, this digital installation is a timely technological and artistic endeavour. Using cutting-edge digital and sensor technology, the sculpture’s Atmo Sensor picks up the invisible change of air quality of the immediate environment, which is translated into an evocative audio visual simulation, visible to the viewer through the XR headset.

The physical shape and digital behaviour of the artwork is inspired by investigations into early air pollution devices, including rudimentary ones which used canary birds, and computational flocking systems, sensing, reacting and visualising changes of air quality in a poetic way.

Digital Atmosphere is part of Studio Above&Below’s ongoing art collection and series of Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality sculptures reacting to live data inputs from different environments, following the vision of creating living, breathing and reactive virtual sculptures.

Studio Above&Below is a London-based art and technology practice. Their innovative work combines XR, speculative storytelling and digital art in order to draw together unseen connections between humans, machines and the environment. 

“Even if the air looks clear, it is certain that you will inhale tens of millions of solid and liquid particles, travelling from one side of the planet to the other. These ubiquitous specks of matter are known as aerosols, which are invisible to the eye, however not invisible to our lungs. With Digital Atmosphere we are investigating a future in which clear air may be a reality through giving nature a voice. The impact of air pollution on our bodies became especially clear throughout the current Covid-19 pandemic.” - Studio Above&Below

“This new digital sculpture from Studio Above&Below is evocative, and has to be experienced by anyone interested in seeing the world in a new way. The research and international collaborative nature of this project lands in the exciting and innovative intersection between art, science and technology. We are proud supporters of Studio Above&Below and their work to push the boundaries of how technology and art can impact our everyday lives.” - Lee Nicholls, Near Now Studio

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