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presented by The Strange Brew Collective

Strange Brew Collective: Bloom


Skeg, Mike Sprout and Mr Joe Johnson form the ‘The Strange Brew Collective’. They work together in a way that doesn't need words, they are all dancing to the same rhythm and their work is very similar in style and energy.

SKEG is a visual artist who plays with colour and balance. Taking references from sub-cultures such as hip-hop, futurism, and psychedelia to name a few. Formal elements balance out the work to create bespoke artwork for clients. His work creates a sense of play, style, warmth, and distinction - eye-catching designs are prevalent. He is inspired by graffiti art, travelling, patterns, print making, textures, music, film, automatism, free styling, and architecture. He has been working as an artist since 2015, creating pieces in a varied array of mediums, areas and disciplines, which can be found indoors, and out. Notable examples of recent work include  murals commissioned in Hull by the NHS and The Warren Youth Project. He is currently collaborating with international eco-conscious clothing label ‘wawwa’ to create new designs. He is also working with local organisations and fellow artists, planning murals and arts-based workshops to benefit the local community. 

Mike Sprout, is a visual artist specializing in wood carving, murals, painting, drawing, risograph printing and community arts. He has exhibited and been commissioned across the U.K., regularly delivers community workshops in Hull, and has self published over a hundred books and zines. He is a co-founder of Ground - an arts collective in his hometown Hull. Ground is an artist-run community hub which also tries to increase awareness of activist campaigns such as stopHS2, XR, Sisters Uncut, amongst others...

Joe Johnson is a visual artist based in Hull. His background in graffiti and street art have helped him to create large scale psychedelic murals across the world. Known for making heavily detailed black & white illustrations and comics, his style has been requested by both established and up and coming bands and labels in the UK, North America and Australia. Joe's work has a strong sense of humour but isn't afraid to confront memories, fears, loves and pet hates all in the hope of making something honest and relatable.

All work will be for sale. 

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