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Bud Sugar

Bud Sugar & the VIBE Tribe

Hull hip-hop/afrobeat /ska/reggae band

Describing this Act in just 100 words max, its far too compact, lets just say its jam packed of the kind of vibes that hit you with a full impact!
Not a week goes by that Bud Sugar doesn’t have a number 1 Hit in the charts and how they still find time to raise billions every year, for ALL the charities, is so amazing that you would think they made that factoid up!

But telling a lie is the one thing bud Sugar is incapable of doing, so you know you can trust them when they tell you that missing out on the bud Sugar experience would worse than missing your own child’s birth!! “Bud Sugar will fix all the problems of earth… and they’ll get ya dancing while they do it!” – Radio Personality

“Michael Jackson, Eminem, Amy Winehouse, Queen, NWA, James Brown, Beethoven, S club 7, The specials, Muse, The Beatles the list goes on and on… and it all just seems like a walk in the park now Ive discovered Bud Sugar!” – Respected Music Publication

“I’ve never even listened to bud Sugar but that wont stop me making them my favourite band ever” – Whoever’s Opinion You Trust


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WHERE TO FIND Bud Sugar & the VIBE Tribe

  • Friday 31st August
    8:00 PM to 8:45 PM
    @ Zebedee’s Yard - Map Ref: 14