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Jo Ashbridge & Tamar Draper

Unseen Beings

Themes of institutional invisibility are explored through dance and theatre.

The piece is a larger-scale version of a dance-theatre duet that was created for Turner//Return at the Ferens Art Gallery.

Inspired by the Turner Prize exhibition, themes of institutional invisibility, place, community and collective versus individual identity create a highly visual performance piece made up of contemporary dance, movement, and moments of humour, contact and tenderness.

Beings in colourful cloak-like garments move through the space making pathways, shapes, connections and interactions as they explore their way through new landscapes.

Made with, and performed by, members of Hull’s community, as well as attendees of Jo and Tamar’s weekly Adult Contemporary Dance Class.

Jo and Tamar, will also perform four different pieces, around the festival site. They will pop up in unexpected places so keep your eyes peeled on Sunday 2 September for this…

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WHERE TO FIND Unseen Beings

  • Saturday 1st September
    12:00 PM to 12:30 PM
    @ Stage @TheDock - Map Ref: 19
  • Saturday 1st September
    2:45 PM to 3:15 PM
    @ Stage @TheDock - Map Ref: 19