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15 Feet 6






Zebedee's Yard


Saturday 2 Sep 14:30
Saturday 2 Sep 18:30
(Audio Description available)

Sunday 3 Sep 15:00


We are introduced to two outrageous students on their way through the school of life, totally blasé and clearly way too cool for school. Playground circus games turn into target practice as the battle for supremacy hots up on various sets of wheels and with exceptional trickery.

The incredible rollerskating finale of this high octane circus duet is not for the faint hearted, and whatever you do after watching them don't try this at home!

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15Feet6 is a Belgium based circus company. We have been creating outdoor performances and circus acts since 2013. Our most recent projects are League & Legend, Primus, Les Patineurs and La Patinoire. Our repertoire of specialities has
expanded and we perform Russian bar, teeterboard, Chinese pole, duo roller skating, Cyr wheel and acrobatic
bicycle. The artists active within the company are Richard Fox (BE/GB), Mateo Giron (ES), Niko Miettinen (FI),
Yolaine Dooms (BE), Jarno Vanthuyne (BE) and Rosa Tyyskä (FI). The artistic director is Jasper D'Hondt (BE).

After a circus education specializing in Cyr wheel in Sasak (Finland), Rosa sets off on a never-ending tour. From
cabarets in Germany over summer festivals with the Finnish female collective Sisus, to Cirque du Soleil’s Luzia. When the never-ending tour abruptly came to end in 2020, a virtue of necessity was made with the lockdown creation of Primus together with Jasper. Rosa is also taking care of the bookings and tour planning for 15Feet6.

Having graduated as a circus artist at ESAC (Brussels) in 2009, Jasper specializes consecutively in teeterboard, Russian bar, acrobatic bicycle and acrobatic roller skating. His professional activities are situated somewhere between performing,
directing and producing circus. After more then a decade the list of projects is becoming too long to mention, in Primus he is returning to the stage as performing artist.

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Access Information

This show is an impressive, roller skating spectacular. Noise is encouraged, you can talk throughout and move around as you like (besides onto the stage!).

Production: Le Patineur