Freedom Festival Arts Trust

Creative Participation

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Teentalitarianism, 2019 - Mammalian Diving Reflex

We develop and commission programmes that embed local people in internationally significant work.

We aim to encourage and engage predominantly children and young people from hard-to-reach communities in the arts through participatory projects.

These provide memorable experiences and a chance to be a part of something extraordinary. The aim is to help foster individual wellbeing, build confidence and to create stronger, more cohesive communities.

A snapshot of our  projects

Freedom Festival 2022 - 27th August-44 (Medium)

Arts Award 2023

Freedom Festival Arts Trust is an Arts Award Supporter, meaning we can help you achieve your Arts Award qualification. Learn more...

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Surge - Beautiful Bones 2023

A collection of cacophonous performances out on the city streets collided into a life-affirming grand finale in Queen Victoria Square, getting audiences on their feet and dancing.

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The Everyman Project - Opera in a Day 2023

Workshops led by Tim and Em Whitfield Brooks, North East Opera, opera singer Sandeep Gurrapadi, designer Naomi Parker, York Dance Space and circus troupe Earthbound Misfits, culminating in a special sharing celebration at Stage @TheDock

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Gorilla Circus - Unity 2023

An immersive large scale aerial circus spectacular combining acrobatics, music and spoken word with a powerful story to tell.

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Via Berlin Invisible City Commission Princes Dock Street Installation  Friday (2)

Via Berlin - Invisible City 2023

The Invisible City was a brand new, UK premiere of an interactive audio installation for the streets.

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La Mecanica - The Little Things 2022

The show’s finale included a team of young people from East Hull, who trained with the company in the run-up to its performance.

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Mammalian Diving Reflex - All the Sex I've Ever Had 2022

A celebration of life, love, romance and sex – All the Sex I’ve Ever Had is a reminder to us all that life doesn’t end once you get older.

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Freedom Festival 2021 - Friday 27th August-91

Broken Orchestra - Westcott Primary School Climate Change Podcast 2021

Westcott Primary School hosted a Q&A with Luke Jerram and explored the ongoing climate crisis in a whole series of their lessons with their teachers, which the Broken Orchestra then edited together into a podcast.

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Freedom Festival Arts Trust & WLDN - The Hull Vigil

Each participant experienced The Vigil alone and had their own unique experience, but every one shared their thoughts and feelings – which have been collated to tell the story of the performance in Hull.

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Kaleider - A Portrait Without Borders 2020

For Freedom Festival 2020, we invited audience members to have their portrait drawn by Kaleider’s non-learning AI.

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Mammalian Diving Reflex - Teentalitarianism 2019

Mammalian Diving Reflex returned in 2019 to offer a new participation project, this time working with teenagers, and addressed what happens when youth rule the roost.

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Arun Ghosh - Ambhas 2019

Young musicians had the opportunity to perform percussion and rhythms alongside professional players, including Arun Ghosh.

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L'Homme Debout - Rise 2018

RISE took an international, large-scale production and rooted it in the city of Hull, opening their creative process to almost 200 local people.

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The Print Shop: Rise[up]! 2018

The Print Shop responded to our desire to engage people in the process of developing their own voice, done in this project through protest slogans.

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FEASTival 2017 & 2018

This volunteer-led free feast encouraged strangers to come together to meet, talk and eat.

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Southpaw Dance Company - Rush 2017

Experienced dancers and people who had never performed before came together for a performance inspired by 21st century mass protest.

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Cie ATSA - While Having Soup 2017

While Having Soup welcomed members of the public to a free “three course dialogue” experience provoking philosophical conversations.

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Mammalian Diving Reflex - Haircuts by Children 2017

A group of children are given a crash course in hairdressing and run a salon, offering free haircuts to the public.

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