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From epic spectaculars unfolding in public spaces, to intimate moments where audiences and artists meet, we create, curate and deliver exceptional large-scale events, small-scale happenings and many cultural programmes that bring thousands of people together each year to genuinely participate in, and to experience the joy of shared cultural encounters, enhance wellbeing and foster a greater connection to place, we believe festivals, particularly in public spaces, do this best - we take our art to where the people are.

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Credit: Jason Shipley

Inspired by the reformist legacy of William Wilberforce and the wider abolitionist movement, we build local, national and international alliances to create cultural experiences that have something to say about universal values and the future we want to make together, working with artists, creative organisations, international producers, the private sector, academic partners and voluntary and community groups.

We commission new work, support and nurture the growth of creative ideas and work closely with emerging and established artists internationally, nationally, regionally and locally. We work with multi-disciplinary artists who are generous, unique and audacious.

We always support innovation, creative growth and brilliant ideas, with a focus on work that takes place in public and civic spaces.

Committed to innovation in art in public space, arts festivals and participatory working, we encourage and support artists to experiment with new approaches, practices and tools, often with a focus on environmental sustainability, technological innovation, social justice, diversity and social relevance and reform.

We develop innovative programmes of cultural engagement and participation that embed local people in internationally significant work. These provide memorable, often life-changing experiences and a chance to be part of something extraordinary which helps foster individual well-being, and confidence, and to create a stronger and more cohesive community for this great city of Hull.

The region's largest international arts festival

Freedom Festival

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The city comes alive again

The Awakening

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A thought-provoking, large-scale monumental work

The Hull Vigil

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A vibrant online offering

Freedom Online & On Demand

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