Freedom Volunteers

Our festivals, driven by people

Volunteers are the beating heart of Freedom Festival. Spreading the message of freedom with unrivalled passion, they are true ambassadors of Freedom Festival and the city of Hull. Equipped with knowledge and a friendly face, they are always at hand throughout our events to help you enjoy the festival. Thank you to HEY! Volunteering and to all our ambassadors.

Our current volunteer opportunities are managed by Hey Volunteering! Make sure to follow them on social media and check back on their website for openings in volunteer applications for our festivals and other opportunities based in Hull.

Alternatively, we have participation opportunities open for most of our work and festivals which are posted here.

Thank you to HEY! Volunteering and to all our volunteers for your work through the years. Your hard work is a major part of what makes our festival possible, our audiences happy and our artists inspired.


Sadly, in 2021, we lost Jack Whileblood – a volunteer who was not only the longest-serving ambassador for the festival, but a mighty ambassador for the city, who epitomised the remarkable spirit we are so proud to see in the volunteers who give their time to ensure Freedom Festival becomes unforgettable for every single person who attends.

Jack’s legacy – of being kind-hearted, supportive, accommodating, and charming – is one which we will not forget. One way we intend to respect his memory is through the Jack Whileblood award. This commemorative award, we feel, is a fantastic way to not only keep Jack’s spirit alive, but to also celebrate and praise the volunteers who match up to the tremendous standard set by the man himself.

We worked with 86 volunteers during Freedom Festival 2023 and their dedication and support helped to make the Festival an enjoyable experience for everyone. Thank you to the wonderful volunteering community for your ongoing support in making events like ours such a success.


2022 - Sue Clark 2023 - Janet Bark