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From epic spectaculars unfolding in public spaces, to intimate moments where audiences and artists meet, we create, curate and deliver exceptional large-scale events, small-scale happenings and many cultural programmes that bring thousands of people together each year to genuinely participate in, and to experience the joy of shared cultural encounters, enhance wellbeing and foster a greater connection to place.

We believe festivals, particularly in public spaces, do this best - we take our art to where the people are.

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REYTAs 2023

We are a finalist!

We are delighted to share that The Awakening, which took place in March this year, has been shortlisted in the Remarkable Tourism Event of the Year category for this year’s REYTAs!

Over 100,000 people came to the city to experience a magical blend of ancient traditions, and Hull's maritime heritage, brought to life by light installations, sculptures, and theatrical street performances.
We couldn’t be happier to be a finalist!

About the Awakening

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Hull has long been a place of inspiration for artists and innovators, which has no doubt influenced and enabled the cultural renaissance currently taking place in the city. Freedom Festival Arts Trust is a registered charity and relies on the support of our sponsors, funders and generous donations from our supporters. We are committed to continuing to deliver and develop extraordinary cultural experiences and events for the people of Hull and the surrounding area.

Thank you to all of those who continue to contribute as your support has never been more fundamental to the success of Freedom Festival Arts Trust.

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