RISE by L’Homme Debout took an international, large-scale production and rooted it in the city of Hull. She had travelled a long way, gathering the stories of women on her journey across the world, and her journey brought her to explore the city and learn about the dreams and struggles of the women who have contributed to the story of Hull.

L’Homme Debout opened their creative process to almost 200 local people. RISE featured the story of Lillian Billoca, as told by Lil’s Lasses, and featured 34 local puppeteers, 11 of which were technology students working their first live event.

“It’s the joyous atmosphere, it’s the range of stuff that happens – but it’s mainly just the fact that everybody’s having a lovely time and it’s such a lovely feeling that everyone’s happy and enjoying it and appreciating it and it feels very, very special for Hull as well.” – RISE participant.