Broken Orchestra: Westcott Primary School Climate Change Podcast

Freedom Festival 2021 - Friday 27th August-85

Freedom Festival Arts Trust commissioned Broken Orchestra to create an audio podcast to accompany  Luke Jerram’s Gaia exhibition, which took place in Hull Minster during the 2021 Freedom Festival. During the lead up to the festival, Westcott Primary School hosted a Q&A with Luke Jerram about the artwork and explored the ongoing climate crisis in a whole series of their lessons with their teachers.

Broken Orchestra went in following this work and interviewed the students at Westcott Primary School, asking them their thoughts and feelings about the climate crisis, an issue which will become more and more a burden of their generation.

Broken Orchestra edited these interviews into a podcast which was shared for the first time at Hull Minster under the Gaia installation, which was proudly experienced by the students’ teachers and parents.

Listen to the podcast below: