The Gaze from a painting by Arafa and the Dirars

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Wednesday 30 Aug - Friday 1 Sep
10:00 – 16:30 (last entry 16:00)
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Saturday 2 Sep
10:00 – 15:00


Sunday 3 Sep
11:00 – 16:00 (last entry 15:30)



Ferens Art Gallery



Saturday 2 Sep
Panel Discussion at 15:00-16.30 (last entry 16:00)
(BSL Interpreted)


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Ferens Art Gallery

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 Saturday 9, 16, 23 Sep

After Freedom Festival, Tomorrow will be open to the public until Wednesday 27 Sep 2023

For this studio exhibition by Freedom Women Collective, Tomorrow is an enduring reference to hope, belief and self-determination. In every language, tomorrow can be a promise, a practical arrangement or a philosophical proposition. It is always a way of looking to the future, together.

An IWM 14-18 NOW Legacy Fund commission in partnership with Freedom Festival Arts Trust, the artists weave stories from Ethiopia, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Sudan using visual and textile art, sculpture, performance, poetry and photography. At the heart of the exhibition, their slideshow film Tomorrow is an exploration of ownership of representation and memory of displacement. During the festival and on Saturdays, the collective invite you to special events in the studio to share experiences of loss, resistance, resilience and survival.

Freedom Women Collective are women who survived war, conflict and persecution: artists Arafa Gouda, Nisreen Barazi, Gaida Dirar, Shuke Halake Aeroro and Faisa Omar, with Lee Karen Stow and curator Sarah Perks.

Panel Discussion: Talking About Tomorrow
Join members of the Freedom Women Collective, plus special guests, as they explore notions of precarity and hope when faced with war, conflict and forced displacement. Chaired by Basma El Doukhi.

Saturday 2 Sep – 15:00 (BSL Interpreted) reserve tickets using the link above. 

Meet the Artists
Find out more about the artists’ work and their stories.

Saturday 9, 16, 23 Sep – 11:00


 نساء حرة مختار


الاربعاء ٣٠–٨ —٢٠٢٣ الى الاربعاء ٢٧–٩-٢٠٢٣


هذا معرض لبعض النساء التي اختارت الحريه وتسعى لتكون اشاره للامل والايمان وتقرير المصير بكل اللغات .

ليكن الغد وعدا او تنظيما عمليا او اقتراحا فلسفيا انها وجهة نظر للمستقبل معا .

اللجنه المساعده والقائمة لمهرجان الحريه ( نساء حرة ) هم فنانون ينسجون قصصهم من اثيوبيا وليبيا والصومال والسودان وسوريا من خلال الفن البصري والنحت والشعر والتصوير الفوتوغرافي

خلال المهرجان وايام السبت تدعوكم المجموعه الى امسيات خاصه في المعرض لتبادل تجارب الخساره والمقاومة والبقاء على قيد الحياة

كل هولاء النساء اللواتي نجوا من الحرب والصراع والاضطهاد هن :

عرفه حسن جودة

نسرين بارازي

غيداء درار

فائزة عمر

شوكيه هلاكي أُريرو


لي كارين ستو

مسؤوله المتحف سارة بيركس

Tomorrow w logos SQUARE

Access Information

This exhibition is a journey of hope, belief and self-determination. It touches

upon stories and themes of displacement.

Logo artwork by Mayas Dirar

تصميم الشعار لمياس درار


The Flowers of Tomorrow 

Ethar Dirar

زهور الغد

عمل فني لإيثار درار


An IWM 14-18 NOW Legacy Fund commission in partnership with Freedom Festival Arts Trust.