Fair Winds & Following Seas - A New Commission with The Broken Orchestra

Here at Freedom Festival Arts Trust, we're excited to announce a new commission with our partners at Hull Maritime, with support from Arts Council England and In Situ. Our Associate Artists, The Broken Orchestra, have created a brand new audio tour 'Fair Winds & Following Seas' an immersive experience that can be downloaded directly to your mobile device for you to enjoy as you walk through the city centre.

With spoken word by Vicky Foster, this tour explores Hull’s maritime heritage through a 3D medium of words and music, weaving together to guide you through the rich history of our Old Town. The project will premiere at Freedom Festival 2024.

Fair Winds & Following Seas

‘A nautical phrase used to wish the listener well on their journey. Wishing for good weather conditions and safe travels, it is a verbal gesture of good luck to those leaving port and heading out into the great and empty expanses of the sea'

Inspired by Hull’s visible and hidden layers of history and its unique landscape, this immersive spatial audio headphone experience takes you on a thought provoking, meaningful and introspective outdoor journey. Downloaded to a smart device of your choosing, explore your deep rooted connection with the path you walk as we bring the natural surroundings to life. Blurring the lines of reality, you will interact with the environment in a completely unique way. With your imagination at the centre of this experience, you will be inspired as you explore and connect with the seemingly normal space around you.

With original music scored by The Broken Orchestra and spoken word by Imison award winner Vicky Foster, ‘Fair Winds & Following Seas’ illuminates the everyday surroundings with the use of sound, as we elevate the atmosphere of the everyday public spaces. Set against the backdrop of Hull's maritime past, you will be captivated by immersive music, eclectic soundscapes, innovative sound FX, expressive spoken word and powerful poetry, transforming the visual landscapes into an all-round sensory experience.

All we ask is you find the time to go for a walk, as we inspire and connect you to a city built on deep cultural roots, traditional resilient identity, influential trade and a proud working class ethos.