The Awakening weekend closed with an almost sell-out Freedom session by Hack Poets-Guild, three of the UK’s most innovative and prestigious folk artists, at Social, Humber Street. It marked the end of this year’s celebration of winter becoming spring – but over in East Hull, there was one final Awakening event to look forward to.

On the Spring Equinox, Monday 20th March, Freedom Festival and Hack Poets brought a free music workshop to Ings Primary School in East Hull. Year 5 joined Lisa Knapp and Nathaniel Mann from Hack-Poets Guild for an hour-long exploration of Broadside Ballads; historic song sheets that would be sung in Britain to share news, folklore, and stories across the country. Lisa and Nathan took 35 pupils through the history of writing and sharing song – and how important that remains today.

The group learnt songs, played games using the lyrics, and then rewrote the words to The Impossible Recipe Song – a fantastical potion made of all sorts of weird and wonderful ingredients. The Rowan class at Ings decided these ingredients should include monkeys, pineapples, rainbows and yes, vinegar that you get from dolphins.

Ings Primary School said:

“Rowan class really enjoyed [the Freedom Festival] workshop. They have linked it to their music, maths and science. Brilliant!”

This workshop was the final instalment in engagement projects tied to The Awakening, which included a spoken word project with The Warren for Trinity Live, and the distribution and making of almost 30,000 Freedom Fox masks – which pupils in this workshop received through their school late last month.

Lisa Knapp left the class with a reminder for the children, and one we could all do to remember from time to time:

"Everyone has a unique and special voice, so use it!"