Sirens by Liminal Creative in Gallery 2 at Ferens Art Gallery in Hull

Those who joined us at Freedom Festival 2022 will remember Liminal Creative’s Sirens, an installation of sculpture light, sound and vibration, co-commissioned by Freedom Festival Arts Trust. Sirens appeared in the Museum Gardens and later on top of Scale Lane Bridge and is now appearing for a limited time at Ferens Art Gallery in Gallery 2.

Sirens examines the view of women in global society through the lens of ancient mythology. The inspiration for this project came from an article about the treatment of female characters within ancient mythology. Expanding on this idea, Liminal Creative look at the parallels between contemporary art, fiction, and real life. Liminal Creative partnered with Pan Intercultural Arts (a London based creative organisation) and commissioned their choir, The Amies Freedom Choir, to create the vocals which would become the soundscape for the piece. The Choir is made up of female survivors of human trafficking and led by director Adwoa Dickson.

The installation of sculpture is wrapped in detail from the markings to the formation of how the stone circle is positioned. The formation is the Pleiades constellation – the story of The Seven Sisters, which features women who are cast out for the wrongdoings of men – and the 1600 circular markings on the central stone represents the number of people rescued from human trafficking in the UK in just one month (2021).

Louise Cole and collaborators Carl Cole, Emma Denby and Steve Symons have also created a new piece of work, Expansion of Existence, which will be displayed in Gallery 11 at Ferens, opening this coming Friday until the end of May 2023.

You can also enjoy their accompanying spoken word podcasts via their website:

Listen Here

The work sits close to Gallery 5 where hangs an oil painting called Ulysses and the Sirens (1909, Herbert Draper).