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Tripotes la Compagnie

Encore une Fois

Circus / Dance




Zebedee's Yard

Saturday 2 Sep 12:30
(Audio Description available)

Saturday 2 Sep 16:30

Sunday 3 Sep 13:30

Sunday 3 Sep 16:30


It is above all a meeting. An invitation to us all to witness a friendly moment between these exceptional and fun circus performers.

The Circus, for them, is risk taking; So let's mess it all up and start again!

'Encore une Fois' or 'Again' is based on the idea that errors are allowed.

A show of acrobatic discovery and playful danger

The simplicity of absurd ideas and acrobatic games that they play together, full of improvisation which also allows the audience to enjoy the same emotions as the artists at the same time.

All supported by a musical creation made of the sounds of ping-balls pong (yep!) and looped by a sampler/sequencer that accompanies the stage. This music box creates the soundtrack to the show live...

A unique and playful circus show full of acrobatic surprises and games, one certainly not to be missed!!

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A Swiss-Spanish collective, Tripotes la Compagnie was born in Brussels, in Belgium. The project comes from the common will of Daniel Torralbo Pérez, Julio Calero Ferre and Gianna Sutterlet from to continue their acrobatic exploration. At the end of their training in circus arts at ESAC (Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque), "Encore une fois" is their first creation.

Since its release in April 2019, “Again” has been screened over 100 times in various contexts: major circus and street theatre festivals, major music festivals or social projects with a cultural influence in peripheral districts. It is a fun show for all audiences.

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Access Information

This show is outdoors in Zebedee's Yard. This is a circus show and the sound used in it is built and created by the performers during the show (using ping-pong balls!). Making noise is encouraged.

PARTNERS: Trapéze ASBL (BE), Espace Catastrophe (BE), Zirkozaurre (ESP), Wolubilis (BE), LeZarti’Cique (CH), El Disparate (ESP)