UK - 2022/23

Jon Hicks & Matt Rudkin: The Visionary

A show which seems to defy limitations, Jon Hicks and Matt Rudkin’s – The Visionary is modern street theatre at its immersive best – hilarious, ridiculous, and yet mysterious and subversive. With the audience’s eyes fixed solely on Jon Hicks, performing as the Visionary, on a pedestal, he is continually interrupted by increasingly bizarre distractions and oddities.

Despite the obvious joy and playfulness which this show brings to the audience, Freedom Festival Arts Trust commissioned Jon Hicks and Matt Rudkin’s The Visionary because of the incredible participation it seeks from local organisations. Both Jon and Matt are eager to incorporate as many participants as possible into their show. During Freedom festival 2022, we were able to work with local youth groups, such as The Beavers, primary schools, and even moriss dancers. The scope and flexibility of The Visionary is so impressive to work alongside, and helps the organisation become more connected to the local community.

Throughout the show, audiences are not sure what they’ll get – the meaning of life, a magic show, some gags or a full-on riot – and the audience wants it all! Performing on the last weekend of Freedom Festival 2022, The Visionary was enjoyed by audiences of all ages, who couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing – or what might happen next.

This show has been commissioned by Freedom Festival Arts Trust, Out There Arts Festival with support from Arts Council England.