Lucas De Man/Company New Heroes at Freedom Festival 2020

Hopes and Fears Across the Water

What will our future world be like now that it has changed forever?

For Freedom Festival 2020, spoken word performers from the UK and the Netherlands collaborated around the urgent themes of privacy and surveillance, division and isolationism and the climate emergency in our post-COVID-19 world.

Three spoken word artists from each country worked with Lucas De Man of Company New Heroes to explore what our near future will look and feel like, these young voices address their fears and hopes for the post-COVID-19 world.

Hopes and Fears Across the Water featured:

  • Asma Elbadawi

  • Nick Conroy

  • Rheima Ibrahiim-Robinson

  • Y.M.P.

  • Luan Buleshkaij

  • Roziena Salihu

Part of the Creative Europe funded InSitu Network ‘ACT’ 2017-2020 as an international collaborative project led by Company New Heroes – working with international collaborators from the UK and The Netherlands through an Online Residency in response to Covid-19.

Supported by InSitu