Surge: Beautiful Bones

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Beautiful Bones was a large-scale street spectacle and musical pandemonium, reframing the rituals of death as a celebration of life. Western contemporary culture appears spectacularly disinterested when it comes to the subject of death, especially our own. We leave the mechanics that surround it to others. In Beautiful Bones, a theme of general celebration, comedic irreverence and blissful acceptance challenge our own dour and often miserable rituals.
There were three separate performances included in this project, all of which came together at the end for a finale in Queen Victoria Square, a big dance party for all to enjoy and reflect on the life-affirming themes woven through each performance:
It's Your Funeral:
Our irreverent, yet approachable funeral directors invited audience members to arrange their very own life party. You could tailor your own buffet from the gourmet to sausage and mash, set the rhythm and dance along to your favourite soundtrack, and write your own eulogy in the form of a limerick. And yes, even take a coffin selfie!
Dogs of Doom:
The Dogs of Doom can seek you out wherever you are. A pack of wild, rhythmical, mischievous, thieving dogs brought fun with some very raucous behaviour. These untamed canines were the masters of groove but if you were too distracted, your pint might have gone missing!
Apocalypse, Right Now:
This apocalyptic spectacle unfolded right on the high street. The ominous Four Horsemen descended upon the town, spreading fear and showcasing their unique specialities. Their carts raced through the streets, showing no mercy to those in their path. But amidst the chaos, there was a surprising twist. Who knew these harbingers of doom could play the trombone so well?
We witnessed the spectacle as the ominous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Dogs of Doom descended upon Queen Victoria Square. At this momentous event, audiences revelled in a celebration of existence, led by the trombone orchestra and the City of Hull Brass Band. A grand finale from a culmination of spectacular shows and performances.

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